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Jacobine Mulckhuyse

Lollumerweg 8

8804 RX Tzum

Cell: 0031(0)654323659


Veterinary care and support

Veterinary care and support is provided by  specialized horse care clinic: De Greidhoeke, Bolsward in Friesland, the Netherlands.

At the Clinic we will provide all necessary scan’s and procedures through 3 of the mare’s cycles for a fee of €150,- . You can also choose to “pay per event as you go along”.

Order and payment:

To order semen by Sake 449 or Loadewyk 431 call 0031(0)654323659 or email to:

Frozen semen by Sake 449 is available worldwide through an EU-certified Stud-station.

We will need the following information: Name, address,  country, phone number of the mare-owner, and the address  and details of the mare i.e. the unique 9-digid registration number.

Stud-fee is exclusive  of costs for transportation, VAT and “administration fees KFPS”.

The first three days of horse care at the clinic “de Greidhoeke” in Bolsward are included in the Stud-fee . Is a longer stay required then:

day and night care mare € 9,50,- per calendar day.

day and night care mare with foal €12,50 per calendar day.

We do not take responsibility for transport, stabling and insemination  risks. Please check that your horse(s) have the necessary valid vaccinations according to the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale).

Stal Lytse Vlearen adheres to the general terms and conditions of the Dutch “Bond van Hengstenhouders” in the Netherlands.

Billing will be done after your mare is scanned in foal or after the third cycle, whichever occurs first. Please pay your bill in full within 2 weeks of receiving it.

Studfee 2018

Loadewyk 431: € 1200,-  if your mare does not conceive,  you do not pay the stud fee ( ie. no cure, no pay) conditions apply, please inquire.

Sake 449: € 800,-


Conditions stud-fee Loadewyk 431

In order to qualify for the “if your mare does not conceive,  you do not pay the studfee” for Loadewyk 431,  the mare has to be inseminated via A.I. at the veterinary clinic  “de Greidhoeke”, Bolsward in Friesland, the Netherlands.

Veterinary care and support is included in the stud-fee of Loadewyk 431. This package ad € 150,- consists of the necessary scans and checks  up to 8 weeks after the last insemination. Other medical treatments, e.g. flushing or treating the uterus if required are not included and will be billed to the mare owner.

Mares should be in the proper condition to receive semen, e.g no damage, cyst’s and no excessive fluids in the womb.

Mares who have a history of not conceiving in past years,  by  any stud-stallion, are excluded.


It is possible that older mares will need  a “Cashlick method closure of the vulva” after insemination. Costs for this procedure are billed to the mare owner.


What if your mare is not in foal?

We will do the utmost to get your mare in foal. Nature has her own ways and every so often we fail to reach this goal . This is why we have the “not in foal arrangement” or ‘gustregeling’ in Dutch. if your mare has not conceived before the 1th of October 2018 you can pick up breeding again in 2019 with a discount of 30% on the stud-fee provided that the bill of the previous season has been paid in full . If you choose to continue in the next season please let us know and provide a signed veterinary statement stating your mare has not conceived.

If you chose the option “if your mare does not conceive, you do not pay the stud-fee ” of Loadewyk 431,  the “not in foal arrangement” is not possible.

Let’s make the new breeding season a success !!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have.